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Online communities populate an endless array of incarnations. People who have a stake in one are passionate about them, for the online bond is a powerful force. If managed correctly, a community can add loyalty to your customer base or enhance your spiritual life. It depends on what you want to build.

You can create a community out of almost anything: an idea, a family email list, a non-profit organization. You might need to write an email citizenship guide or add an online community to your web business. Your community might have gotten dysfunctional with anger, and you might need to form another one in a more civil environment.

Every community in its essence is a statement of philosophy, and in forming one it is helpful to know about emotional design, how to moderate tone, how to stop a flame, and how to make the sale that if people put the best of themselves into a community, they will get something satisfying, and perhaps profitable, back out of it.

It is also helpful to know about software and networks because without them, nothing exists. To twist a familiar phrase: the network exists, therefore I am.

I created this site as a place to show my work and to help people with their online community dreams. I consult at a fee to be determined on a per-project basis. Comments welcome.